Planning an event for family, and friends can be a daunting task for some. Here are a few tips from the pros that I have learned over the last year while working with some of the best here in Seattle. Now remember kids that these are guidelines. Leave the larger events to the pros, after all they have years of experience, knowhow, and superb organizational skills that have been honed over the years.  Here are 5 event planning tips from top event planning companies here in Seattle, Washington.

1. Choose an Amazing Venue - and specifically fits to your theme. 

Choosing the right location to hold the event is key! One hundred people won't fit in your back yard? How about a friend who has that beautiful acreage just outside of the city limits? Don't forget about how your guest will get to a venue, and what they will see when they are arriving, as this can set the ambiance for the event. When considering the venue itself, think about everything that you do at a party. Do you dance? do you stand or sit while you mingle? Do you use the restroom after a few libations? This is very important to think about if you are holding a backyard event. Do you really want all these people going into your home (or your friends) to use the facilities? don't forget clean-up. Make it easy for guest to dispose of plates, napkins, etc. with trash receptacles close by. This will make your life much easier after the event, especially once you have had one too many glasses of Chianti. 

2. Signature Cocktail 

Ok, this is the easy part. Pick a fruit or herb that is in season, and build your own signature cocktail around this.

Basil + Burbon = Yum 

Mint + Rum = Yum 

Cherries + Vodka = Double Yum 

Be creative, and test your creations out at home (twist my rubber arm). Once you get the formula down for the perfect cocktail.... make a large batch of the base you need, get your garnishes ready, and you will be able to pour these signature drinks in minutes for your guests. 


3. Don't Forget About Lighting

This is one of the most important bullets to check off on your to do list. Create a mood at your event. You don't want it to be too dark, and there is no better way to kill the mood then to have an event too bright. Think about where the sun is going to be during the specific time of your event. Will the sun be beaming straight into the eyes of your guests? Do you need to add blinds, or sides on the tent you rented? 

And if you don't know what up-lighting is, click the link here…uplighting. Learn my pretties, learn. Any space can be easily transformed and DJ's often offer lighting packages. Ask, you won't regret it, I promise. 

4. Have an Entertainment Plan

Have and Entertainment Plan that goes along with the theme of your party. Whatever that theme may be  - Casino night, flapper dresses, cigar boxes, or board games - have a plan and stick to it. I mean it..... type it up, print it out, and hand copies out to those who will be helping you out on the day of the event. This will make the day flow, and details that you swooned over while planning the event will not get pushed to the back burner because you are too busy cleaning up a spilled glass of red wine on your favorite, and very expensive Medallion Ushak Rug.  

5. Make Every Guest Feel Special 

Goodie bags aren't just for kids, seriously! Adults love them too! Think about your theme, and create a special gift for every one of your guests to receive before they leave. This will also give you the opportunity to chat with all of you guests one-on-one before they head home.