Brides ask me 'What am I forgetting?'. Well if you've got the dress, the rings, and the soon to be husband, you have got everything you need to tie the knot. Although, if this is all you have prepared, the day could be a little bumpy. I have chatted with many industry leaders, and I have picked up a few tips over the years.

I recently got to work with an incredible planner on a wonderful wedding this past season. The wedding was set along the beautiful Puget Sound, in Des Moines, Washington, which is a just a hop, skip & a jump from downtown Seattle. Janis with Greatest of Day's Event Planning & Design put together incredible day. Janis has an eye for details, and a pen that is mightier than the sword. Here are her tips & tricks that you most likely have completely forgotten about on your wedding day. 


I'll Bet You Didn't Think of These People as Wedding Vendors! Think Again!

1.  Pet Sitters:

(Somebody has to take care of Fido and Felix)  This last year I had I don't know how many people show up at weddings with their dogs.  It's okay if they are planned for, but some people just assume that they can bring a dog along without thinking even once.  Not compatible in so many ways and I love dogs!  This little dog that's pictured was perfectly welcome.  His Mom and Dad were getting married!  He didn't make it to ringbearer status, but he was so sweet.  He had to dive into the pond just before the wedding!


2. Childcare:  

(Somebody has to take care of the munchkins, sometimes on site)


3. Cleanup:  

(the ones that thanklessly help clients get their deposit back).  I'll tell you right now that anyone who thinks that being an Event/Wedding Coordinator is glamorous should follow me after the reception is over and the vendors and guests are long gone and I'm working on the 16th hour on my feet.  You would have oh so much fun pouring out wine glasses, beer bottles (which might be anywhere at the venue), gathering unwanted cutesy or half-eaten favors, flowers, finding forgotten shoes, sweaters, and other stuff of a grosser variety.  Vendors seldom, but occasionally will leave items behind, but that's because they're sober and worn out.  Sometimes it's getting down on your hands and knees with a lint roller because glitter got on the carpet and the venue rules stated absolutely no glitter!  This is similar to removing rose petals from the floor right after the ceremony so that they won't stain the flooring if everyone danced on them.  The sad part is that this is often the scenario that was supposed to include a volunteer army of helpers who were going to do all of this after-party clean up!  Sure!  When I hear someone say our friend will do this or our friend will do that, I prepare for disaster.  What disgusts me is when a group will leave a mess and decide it's worth it to just pay the deposit and not clean up.

What's better yet is when the venue requires that all trash be removed.  Inevitably there will be a time when I get to go home in a car at 1:00 in the morning with a car that smells like alcohol, if I didn't have room in the trunk for everything.  By then, I can't guarantee I could walk a straight line without even consuming alcohol.  I'm also changing my contract and putting a time limit on retrieval of items left behind or they are gone and lost forever or I'm changing my name to something with storage unit in it or Greatest of Garbage Collection Days!  I'm this close to adding that a professional clean up crew will be hired at venues that are totally self-serve.  I think it's the only think I truly don't like about being an Event/Wedding Coordinator, but sometimes somebody's got to do it.  

But guess what... 99% of the time I love what I get to do!  How many people can say that?  When asked if I could do anything that I wanted and what would it be, I tell them that I am doing it!


Thanks to Janis Flagg with Greatest of Day's Event Planning & Design for the wonderful article. You can click here to check out other wonderful planning articles on her website. 


Love Caren 



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